Sunday, October 5, 2008

hello, everybody!

hey! i've been celibate on this blog thing for a while and now im ready to give it some lovin!

i know you all know i moved to l.a. things are pretty different here. lots of rich and lots of poor. LOTS of rich.

I live in a really great neighborhood. it is right off a street called melrose ( sort of in between melrose and sunset blvd), about a mile or so from beverly hills in west hollywood. it's a perfect location. i have everything i need and more in walking distance. lola is doing really great. we have two other dogs here and a big yard. i take her on multiple walks a day becuase we like to explore and the weather is so nice. i have been feeling a bit odd lately being out here, more alone than i've ever felt. i haven't been away from family in a long time, i know this will pass when i become more affiliated with my surroundings, but it's made me feel so emotional and insecure lately! the worst part of moving is the adjusting!
i hang out with rob roy, he lives really close to me, probably about six blocks. i think you all would really enjoy it out here. i hope each of you can visit sometime.
before i came to california i took some pictures of my friend for his music myspace. i'll post a couple, tell me what you think! i might start shooting bands for a little bit a money soon... just as a hobby. it's so fun!

love you and miss you all.