Monday, February 25, 2008

my first blog!

hello, friends and family!
this is my first blog. since a neighbor just moved in with the internet, i'm on the internet at my house more! thank you friendly neighbor!
I want to do what jessica does and keep everyone up to date... i think that's fun. family first (unless you're my friend.. then friends first. shhh!) j/k! or am i? (thats rhetorical) 
amanda is leaving town in a week and i am totally bummed!!! she's moving to canada for 3 months to finish hair school and my friend courtney is moving in and subletting her room. im really excited about courtney coming, but so sad about amanda leaving. she's my #1.

School is alright... it's not very hard and im trying to remember to do all my homework. it's been a while. im working part-time and going to school full time so i've been busy lately and really
 tired... but the good thing about being in school is i get to hang out with kristyn all the time now and i get a chicago Upass! The Upass is a chicago transit card that gives me unlimited rides on trains and busses. its saves me up to 80 dollars a month!

Everyone's sick in chicago. it's freezing too! there are 6 employs at my work and so far im the last one to get sick... so i went to the store and loaded up on airborne and thera-flu. it's bad.. everyone at my work has been out for a week unable to move.. i dont want to catch that!! even though i have a crazy sinus infection.
i've been listening to eisley and city and colour lately. .you guys might like those bands.

and here's a TON of pictures to update everyone real quick on my life!
This is the back window of this SWEET suv in the parking lot of gurnee mills

me at work, sportin paul frank

my awesome frog humidifier!

this is my beautiful baby girl, lola we went playing in the snow!

that's lola playing with kyle.. she's a boxer.. obviously haha

that's her playing with  me.

kyle at the aquarium posing like the albino frog in the aquarium next to him. 

kyle and sweet little lola looking SO cute!
courtney (who is moving in), lola, me.

look at all that popcorn!

at my work we have these hoodies that have puppets you snap onto the ends of the sleeves.. they're kind of dumb, but they're awesome for little kids. one day it was really boring at work so we all wore them. it actually was kinda fun.

my beautiful best friend amanda!!!
kyle always wants me to wear my hair curly so on valentines day i did for him. i actually ended up liking it!

This is courtney, lola and me playing.